YOU can own your Local City on
AdSpaceDepot Ad NetWork!

Would YOU like to be in on the next big internet opportunity? Here is your chance!

Looking for a quick, easy & affordable way to sell your items and earn extra income?  YOU found it!  We are building one of the USA largest Ad Networks.  Now is your chance to own your local city or region on the AdSpaceDepot Ad Network.  Many of the cities and regions are still available.  In order to qualify, your local city must have a population of at least 20,000 and must be the largest city within a 50 mile radius. If YOU are in an area that has no qualifying cities, we will consider licensing a region of multiple cities and towns where the combined total is 20,000 or more.

Each local city node will get its own hosting space on one of our servers.  Each local city operates independently.  YOU are responsible for general management, marketing and advertising.  It's your business. The page layout allocates space for placement of commercial display ads on the left column, top and bottom of pages.  YOU can populate this space in any manner YOU wish. YOU can use AdSpaceDepot, Google, AdBrite, affiliate links, or sell local ads (highly recommended) using the Ad Management software of your choice, such as AdPeeps or OpenAds (AdPeeps recommended).  YOU are in complete control of your local city Ad Space. YOU set the prices. YOU get to keep all revenue from sales of this Ad Space.  Plus, YOU get to set the prices and keep all revenue generated from Ad Upgrades.

Though YOU are an independent owner, as a member of the AdSpaceDepot Ad Network we require that YOU adhere to a few rules:

  • The categories are pre-configured on the site and we ask that YOU do not alter this arrangement. It is important for the network to be as consistent as possible, however, we understand that some cities will require slightly different categories because of geographic differences and local influences.

  • Classified ads are to be free.  That is the nature of our business and embodied in our name.  In some markets the employment category, which is completely commercial, may justify a small charge.  YOU will find that display advertising and ad upgrades bring your biggest revenues.

  • The home page contains NO advertising. This is to keep the opening page clean, inviting, and easy to navigate. All ads must be limited to the space provided, Absolutely NO POP-UPs, POP-Unders, Fly-In or any other Ad interrupting text!.

There is a one time setup fee of $74.99, and a monthly fee of $19.95. This fees covers all hosting & software license lease, license is to use the AdSpaceDepot Ad NetWork name, and a portion o f the hosting fee will go into a contribution for the national advertising pool, which includes ongoing advertising support, such as artwork for flyers, postcards, and to produced local radio commercials.*

If YOU are interested in joining the network, send your contact info, city and state to:

* There may be additional fees for special radio commercials, based on your local market area & size.

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